Tomorrow’s Testimony

What is Tomorrow’s Testimony?

A day of children (aged 0-6) meeting with Holocaust Survivors to ensure their testimonies are never forgotten. The event includes an interactive, age-appropriate activity (that will not be about the Holocaust) and a family photograph with the survivor. 

Each session takes around an hour with a professional photographer & activity.

Each child will be sent a booklet with the photograph and the survivor’s testimony. We encourage families to keep this and give it to your children at an age you feel comfortable with. We hope your children will cherish this and feel connected to the survivor they met. The concept of this booklet is to one day read and share the testimony of the survivor that they met. In doing so, becoming a witness for life. This is a truly unique opportunity.

 Due to the nature and contents of the activities this event is strictly for children ages 0 – 6. The sessions are not appropriate for children and teenagers between the ages of 7 – 17. The event is interactive, and each child must be accompanied by one adult.

 Parents, Guardians and accompanying adults will also be invited to hear the testimony of the survivor that they met. We hope this will help to explain their witness account in later years, when the child is old enough.

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