The March in the News

This year, March of the Living UK attracted national press interest, with many journalists participating on the trip.

Please see below for a selection of media coverage:

  1. Delegations from 25 countries to participate in the 2022 March of the Living – i24 News
  2. Rafiq to join March of the Living – The Jewish News
  3. Azeem Rafiq to join UK participants in the March of the Living from Auschwitz to Birkenau – The Jewish Chronicle
  4. Azeem Rafiq at Auschwitz: ‘If this doesn’t move you there’s something wrong’ – The Guardian
  5. ‘There was smoke and a smell and I knew most of my friends were gone’ – The Jewish News
  6. Azeem Rafiq visits Auschwitz ‘trying to better’ himself after anti-Semitic comments – ITV News
  7. March of the Living – BBC
  8. ‘We haven’t learned’: Holocaust survivor on the war in Ukraine and the pain of memory – Daily Express
  9. OPINION: We dispel division when we deepen understanding – The Jewish News
  10. ‘The war will stay with Ukraine’s children their whole lives – like the Holocaust did with me’ – Daily Telegraph
  11. Why March of the Living may be the closest you’ll get to understanding the Holocaust – Daily Express
  12. A place that still defies articulation – The Jewish News
  13. The existence of Israel is the strongest affirmation of Never Again – The Jewish Chronicle
  14. OPINION: Marching with precious survivors, it was clearer than ever that we are one – The Jewish News
  15. ‘I’m not scared of anything anymore’: what it’s like leaving Auschwitz with a Holocaust survivor – Forward
  16. OPINION: We walked in the footsteps of those going to their deaths at Auschwitz – The Jewish News


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